Empowering people to live purposefully and make a difference in their own lives which contributes to the wider community and world.

Our Mission:

Success on Purpose is dedicated to teaching and supporting people to:

Feel strength and confidence from within to become their unique self to lead by example.

Our Values:

Success on Purpose recognises and acknowledges the Contribution to Self, the community and the world through Growth and being internally driven to fulfill needs based on Abundance in a confidential environment that fosters trust and respect.

     Melonie is the Chief Energy Officer at Success on Purpose. Mentoring Entrepreneurs to get you to see me less.


Melonie has a Bachelor of Applied Science/Health Promotion, Bachelor of Nursing, Specialist Certificate in Palliative Care from Melbourne University and winner of The Order of Malta Award with First Class Honours. Fourth-year student of Metaphysics with Dr. Rosemarry McCallum from Abundant Life Solutions and a student of the University of Life!


As a Palliative Care Nurse for 20 years and through her own experience of burnout, anxiety and depression, Melonie learned that it is not sustainable to keep giving without receiving.  Productivity comes through alignment of strengths, values and having a clear focus and vision.


As a Success Mentor, author and keynote speaker, Melonie support professionals to not wait until it's too late, live life now to really make an impact in your own life and contribute to your team and the world at large. 

Melonie Taylor


Chief Energy Officer

“It is the power of the collective that has the power to create change”

                                                     ~ Success on Purpose

Melonie is passionate about learning and growing which was the reason behind the creation of Success on Purpose. This business allows Melonie to become more creative and confident in finding the gift in challenging situations and makes her heart do a dance when clients realize the truth of who they really are!!


Melonie values family and growing her tribe so all feel energized, confident and loved. Also socializing, dancing, meeting inspiring people, cycling, reading, travelling and quiet time at home.

Love to hear more about you!