is a boutique Professional Mentoring Service based in Port Melbourne. We support business owners, leaders and nurses to create a paradigm shift from within to learn the POWER of RECEIVING. Traditionally equipped at giving which leads to burnout, anxiety and lack of control of life.


We all wear different hats in life and have expectations of how we “should” conduct ourselves. Forever changing to fit into different situations and suppressing our inner fears of what it may look like to wear one hat and feel certain and safe in who we are.


Imagine feeling confident and comfortable in your sense of self to know that no matter what, you have the inner strength to approach life’s challenges. Finding the gift in every situation and approaching life with child like curiosity and excitement to uncover more of powerful YOU!


What would it be like if you were able to feel comfortable in your own skin, certain about the future and significant in all areas of life?


When we give ourselves permission to RECEIVE we uncover what we have always known, that we are loved and supported at the deepest level. 

Success on Purpose

We  assist business owners, leaders and nurses to feel energised, productive and fulfilled!

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Empowering people to live purposefully and make a difference in their own lives which contributes to the wider community and world.

Our Mission:

Success on Purpose is dedicated to teaching and supporting people to:

Feel strength and confidence from within to become their unique self to lead by example.

Our Values:

Success on Purpose recognises and acknowledges the Contribution to Self, the community and the world through Growth and being internally driven to fulfill needs based on Abundance in a confidential environment that fosters trust and respect.

Success on Purpose


"We are here for a good time, not a long time."
Join me as I share my own journey with anxiety and depression, to helping patients in palliative care face the end of their life and then finding through all that difficulty that there is a light and a purpose that will guide you through whatever grief and loss you are facing in life.
Loui  Financial Advisor


Financial Advisor

-12 week Mentoring Program - 

I recommend that anyone and everyone should work with Success On Purpose.  My head is clearer, my thinking is stronger and my execution and productivity has massively improved. 

Aileen Business Analyst


Business Analyst

- Webinar - 

Mel's abundant generosity to share her in-depth knowledge and practical experience made this program a joy to participate in the comfort of my
home.  Her program is a must for everybody.

Kylie Nursing Manager


Nursing Manager

- Workshop -

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic your session was last week at forum. There has been lots and lots of very positive feedback. The nurses also really seemed to love you sharing your story of how you see the world.

Dave Trader



- 12 week

Mentoring Program -

 After one session I already began to see the light at the end of my dark tunnel. As we worked together, life became lighter, fuller and more purposeful every time we met.


We are Proud Supporters of:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

                                                                                         - Albert Einstein