How to Rewire your Life for Success

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How to Rewire your Life for Success

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06 Aug 2020, 10:06 am – 10:07 pm
Zoom webinar

About The Event

This workshop is about giving permission to RECEIVE. Getting out of the endless doing cycle and rewiring your brain to success! Changing your life from continuously serving others to learning how to receive and serve yourself to get the results you want in business.  Do you get tired, burnt out and feel like you are helping others to live their dreams and forgetting about your own? Does life seem hard and that you are “busy” and in the endless doing cycle.  You feel overwhelmed, stuck and believe that “surely life doesn’t need to be this hard”? You have a dream of making a big contribution to the world to live with no regrets and leave an outstanding legacy?  I’ve met with many business owners who are brilliant at “doing” are “high achieving” and neglect themselves which contributes to stress and burn out. Want to contribute to the world although unsure how to get out of being “busy”.  This half day workshop will start you on the path to learning how to rewire your brain to success rather than disappointment and “not good enough”. Giving you the ability to enjoy all aspects of life and get the results you deserve.  This workshop is for business owners who want to take not only their business but their life to the next level by allowing the power of receiving and rewiring the brain to success.  My clients are achieving huge success!  - Went from working in corporate to starting own business in 12 weeks - Feeling I’m not good enough to putting on a new staff member due to increased workload taking the pressure off and able to enjoy the results. Went from working hard to working easy. - Landed dream job! - Had best year in business after attending this workshop - Started own business after trying many multi level marketing businesses. Found the confidence within. - Working on own to collaborating and working with clients in $20 million turnover. - Have learned how to feel and be addicted to success rather than failure.  I continually use this formula. I have transitioned from nursing for 20 years in palliative care watching clients die from the results of stress and now supporting clients to live well and prevent disease to live a life on purpose manifesting dreams into reality. I am living my dreams now!! As a result of learning how to receive and filling myself up to give out the overflow I remain energised, joyful and choose the easy road rather than the hard road now!  This workshop is for you if:  1. You are a high achiever and want to achieve more in life to contribute to the world. 2. You are feeling tired, burnt out and stressed and don’t know how to turn off the noise in the head. Really good at “doing” but not getting the results you want. 3. Thrive off stress and know it is not sustainable and need to learn how to slow down to speed up the results you desire.  In the half day workshop, you will:  - learn how to access the subconscious mind to rewire the brain from “I am not good enough” to “I am good enough” - learn how to move from endless doing to receive the results you want - learn how to release fear based emotions to become addicted to success for sustained energy and abundance - learn how to raise your self worth to receive money - learn that your dreams do matter and you deserve to live them NOW!  Reflect Evaluate Clear Evolve Internalise Visualise Energise  Come and learn how to rewire your life for success! Your time is now and the world is waiting for you!

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