Cycling Back to JOY

External circumstances don't have to effect our inner world. When we become our own universe with our own belief systems we are free to create new perspectives. What is our own universe saying to us?

I set off on Saturday morning on my bike with the intention to ride 90km in training for my charity bike ride in Vietnam in October. The night before I was excited for the adventure as I found a cycling track in country Ballarat. I woke up early and donned my kit! Lycra had become a new outfit for me. As I started riding off I looked down to check the odometer in prep for the many k's it would accumulate today. Bugger it wasn't working. False start. I turned around and rode back home. Dad was up! He fixed it for me and I set off again. OOOh It was cold .... a typical Ballarat winter morning. My legs felt heavy and I had to be honest with myself...I couldn’t be bothered. Last nights excitement wasn’t there.

I rode into the city and thought I found the bike track that I had researched the night before! I rode along and realised it discontinued. Mmm another false start. As I went to get off the bike to plan my next move (remembering I had cleats on and was locked into the pedals) I proceeded to click my feet out, right then left but oh no my feet were like ice and wouldn’t move. Then boom I was stuck to the bike and fell bang on the ground. Crash....I started to laugh!! I was told I would fall off with the cleats at least once. At the time I thought "No I won't", "Ill remember to click out". I did remember, but what I learnt was this action was not automatic for me and took longer to think through and my body couldn’t keep up. I then worked out a strategy...slow down, click out and STOP. Fabulous I had a plan! I patted myself down and hopped back on the bike after some lovely ladies stopped to check if I was ok?, turning back to where I had come from. Right... I would practise my new strategy...slow down, click out and STOP. I looked down at the odometer to see how far I had ridden. What?? It wasn't working again. I said “Please God can you fix it?”. Then a train track up ahead. Ok to practice my new strategy..slow down, click out and then........ Oh no my feet were too cold and wouldn't move. Crash.... I hit the deck again?? Oh dear I laughed at myself....I wasn't going to fall off once let alone twice??!

Back on the bike. I had a chat with myself. Things didn’t seem to be in alignment. I felt heavy, I was lost and couldn’t be bothered. Not to mention freezing......Will I ride back home? No... A voice said “keep going never give up!” I looked down at the odometer and thank you God it was working again!!! Something was going right! I rode along and decided to stay in the bike lane. I rode along and read ‘bike‘s use left shoulder’. I thought “what does that mean?” Then I saw a bike track. Ripper I moved onto it. I rode along thinking this is it! Then after a little while the bike track ended and I was lost again. It was still freezing! I wasn't warming up and neither was the weather. Will I just turn around and go home? Everyone will be there. It will be warm and I can hang out with my family. That voice?? No “keep going never give up!” Then out of nowhere the clouds parted and a magnificent rainbow appeared! I gazed at it in awe, admiring how huge it was and laughing to myself... where is the pot of gold??!! I could do with one right now that is hot!! The sun shone momentarily and then it began to rain. You beauty?? Cold and wet! I rode along for a while and found a little town!! Time for a break. I was lost, cold, wet and now getting hungry. I stopped to google a cafe. Without falling off!! My strategy worked. Well maybe not a cafe in the middle of nowhere but something?? I found there was a general store 3 min away. Woohoo!! I rode up to the general store and met an angel Sharon. Sharon made me a chicken salad roll and a latte for $8.50!! Country prices!! I told Sharon my story and she produced a map of the rail trail and showed me I was 3 minutes off the track. You beauty!! I restocked on water and off I went. This was the track that I had been searching for!! I was back on track! I rode along for 20km feeling quite pleased with myself and having a laugh! I started to warm up and the sun came out. All I need now is a toilet?? I rode along for another few minutes when out of nowhere there was a block of toilets! Wow the universe is providing everything I ask for. I had a little stop over to re fuel and on my way again.

My plan was to ride 90km. I was slowly approaching 45km, nearly time to turn around. As I rode along I was feeling fabulous!! The next town was 10km away. I may as well keep going and have a coffee there? Then I will have smashed my goal!! I rode on and came to a fork in the track. Left over the bridge and right along the creek.

Which way would I go? As I thought about it I ran out of time and the track ended. Boom off to the side again.....crash..... Oh shit I did it again.... I stopped and had a seat. Time to re group. What's going on? Where is the pot of gold? I'm in my head. I could feel the heaviness. I sat for 10 minutes and did some deep breathing to bring myself back into my heart and asked for guidance. I was in ego. Trying to overdo it and not being satisfied with my initial goal. Pushing myself too hard. I sat and contemplated. Why did I fall off? Is it bad to fall off? I realised that each time I fell off I was off track and then with each fall I was led back on track again. The first fall steered me back in the right direction, the second fall made me ask for help and the third was saying you have done enough and it's time to go home. There was the pot of gold. It's not bad or wrong to fall off.... it's necessary.... to learn life lessons to get back on track, learn a strategy for success, ask for help and come back home to the heart.

Time to turn back home. I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I turned around feeling back in my heart and grateful for the lessons. As I cruised along I started to play with the gears. More resistance... less resistance. When I had no resistance my legs spun around easily and I hardly moved. When I increased gears and added resistance I moved along further. The pressure allowed me to gain momentum and move along with more focused movements and stronger leg strokes. That 's what the voice was all about.......No “keep going never give up!”......The pressure to gain momentum and move forward in life. Just enough to build strength, move and learn balance.

Wow the life lessons on this bike ride. I nearly missed the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What could have been a day of hell was a day in heaven as I had the time to practice awareness, change perception and find the gold in the journey. "Just keep going and never give up". There is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Sometimes we just need to keep going for the clouds to part and the sun to appear.

Much love,

Mel xoxo

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