Santa is calling.....

It is that time of year again! Ho ho ho!! I love Christmas and have simplified things a lot over the years. We do Kris Kringle as a family which dramatically reduces expense and shopping time. I no longer catch up with all my friends as we now plan weekend getaways during the year and we catch up with family prior to Christmas day. On the 25th I spend the whole day at Mum and Dad's. For the first time last year, I had an afternoon nap!

I am also very aware that for many families it is not such a happy occasion. During the week I attended my final Team Day. We spent time reflecting and honouring the patients that have died over the past few months. There were many ranging in ages and this year a number of patients around my age that died at home. It is such a privilege to support the patients and their families in fulfilling their wish to die peacefully at home. I recall a family member who was in tears as he expressed his appreciation for the support to care for his Father dying at home. I said "it is our pleasure" and " you and the family make this possible". To me they are the hero's.

I contribute my successes in life to these hero's. The patients and their families. They have taught me to love with all my heart, not to sweat the small stuff, to be so grateful for health and everything we have and to live life like today is your last day. Without these lessons I wouldn't have had the courage to take a cross road and explore more of what life has to offer. As I embark on a whole new stage of life I send so much love and gratitude to these hero's. As my patient's died I realise that I also died. I gave death to fear, that we are here forever and that life happens to us. Life happens for us. I have seen so much beauty in death which allows me to see so much beauty in life and inspire others to make the most of it!

We are here for a good time, not a long time. Are you living your deepest desires? Have a crack at it! Live with no regrets! Be Santa to you!!

Much love,

Mel xoxo

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