Do you choose the Hard Way?

If there was an easy way or a hard way I would always choose the hard way. It reinforced my belief systems that "if I work hard then I am worthy of success". With a top strength of achiever I would put so much pressure on myself to achieve. I was achieving alright in: forcing through life, complicating life, endlessly doing, putting so much pressure on myself with no time to enjoy life or allow support. I had anxiety, stress and depression down pat! I thought my relaxation was time out having drinks with friends. This was just time to repress and suppress the deeper belief of "I am not good enough and I am not worthy of being happier than my parent's".

I realised I had lots of guilt around "the easy way". My parents worked hard, their parents worked hard and so on. Why should I get the easy way? Then through being mentored it all became clear. My parents and their parents were in survival mode. Addicted to fear, scarcity and survival. We are in a different era where we have an abundance of opportunities thanks to our parents and grand parents. The opportunity to be addicted to love, abundance and thriving. It is our responsibility to choose the easy way to make all the hardship for our ancestors worth it. In honouring their hardships we open up to the privilege of living a life of choice, simplicity and ease. Why? Because it has been earn't for YOU.

Schedule a 15 minute's of FUN chat to learn how to choose the easy way. Limited to 10 only.

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