The Myth to the Truth

0 nce upon a time there was a Princess who was born into a loving family. She was free to fly and enjoy all the fun that life had to offer but there was a part of her that rejected the fun. She felt deeply other people’s fears and the heavy burden that fell upon them. She began a quest to heal her kingdom and decided if she took on all of the burdens then it would ease the pain for those around her to be “happy”.

The Princess felt the pain of her parent’s the King and Queen the most and had a close bond particularly with the King. She wanted to be there to support the King so much and yearned for his love. She always tried to be a “good girl” to make him proud and love her. But she found that no matter what she did as a young Princess the King withdrew more and more from her. The pain hurt so much that one night her Fairy Godmother came to her and with her wand magically put her to sleep so that her heart would close down so as to not feel such pain.

As the Princess grew up her heart continued to close down to protect her from not feeling the divine love that she so deserved. She became withdrawn, shy and never felt like she fitted in anywhere. She continued to take on the burdens of her kingdom and The King and Queen and ended up becoming their parents. She realized that the King and Queen had never felt unconditional love from their parent’s as they had never learnt it from their parents and so on. The Princess so wanted to feel divine love and so she kept taking on the weight of the world until anger, shame and resentment built up inside of her and she started to hate herself for what she was doing. The anger grew more and more until she became so anxious that she could hardly function each day. Every day was a challenge and she often wanted to just end it all as thought that would be much easier than continuing to live.

The burdens of the King and Queen continued to haunt her and in a quest to solve all of the mysteries of the century’s past she stopped living her life and devoted everything she had to supporting the King and Queen and their kingdom. She didn’t allow herself to have fun or feel deserving of divine love for herself until The King and Queen were happy and able to manage their own kingdom. The Princess thought the journey would not take long when she put her hand out for support and was surprised that things became worse before they became better. She was plagued with diseases of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy” and “I don’t deserve this life”. The Princess feared life and the self fulfilling prophecy of “Life is Hard” continued to show up. The walls around her kingdom became stronger and impenetrable from her Prince ever entering to rescue her.

A nd then when the Princess grew up she realized what she was looking for the whole time was the one thing she had been rejecting, her feminine power and divine essence. She was trying to be strong like a male to break down walls around her kingdom and use force to push away “Life is Hard” instead of loving herself and her kingdom so much. The Princess accessed her feminine power, her number one strength of Achiever and her archetype Midas, Ruler of the 8th House and as she did she turned things around to achieve in self love and then the walls around her kingdom came gracefully down and everything that she touched turned to Gold.

The King and Queen took control of their kingdom and The Princess put on her best dress and danced all around the kingdom spreading light and love so that all who came in contact with her could see the light and love in themselves. She was then given the keys to her own kingdom and in a lavish ceremony became the King and Queen of her own kingdom to change the world and spread the power of the divine that she had yearned for so long and was looking for outside of herself. Once she accepted and embodied her divine feminine the divine masculine then descended into her arms and she felt whole and oneness. Her Prince Had arrived then she truly was the King and the Queen of her own kingdom. She cried and cried in appreciation for the journey she was given and the ability to learn love at the deepest level and to realize that the only love is self love. She then became an overflowing beacon of light and love to pour all over her kingdom so that all were able to turn “Hard” “Disease” into “Ease and Grace” and access the divine love they had been yearning for. She became a spiritual warrior to allow all to realize the truth and power that had been locked up in their hearts waiting for The Fairy God Mother that she had become to use her magical wand to gently remind them it is safe to wake up.

It was in the depths of hell that the spiritual warrior was able to find that she was strong, courageous and a Fairy God mother too that would never give up. It was in the dark times that she was able to realize the delusions she had taken on from others over the past centuries and that it was time to take her sword of truth to become her true self again of power and light. The spiritual warrior was so grateful to the King and Queen for being the perfect parents to assist her in coming back home to her own higher heart and to all the healing angels who all played their parts perfectly.

The spiritual warriors kingdom is thriving with a constant stream of golden light being seen from all over the universe. The King and Queen reign with power and all who enter feel the eternal love that they had forgotten and are committed to entering their own kingdom to find the home they have been searching for deep within their heart. The spiritual warrior reminds The Princess that the loving hand of God was with her all the time and that she is deserving of this life and always was. The “Hard” was the protection of the kingdom for the divine timing of “Ease and Grace” to enter.

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