Are you BUSY???

I have noticed how much as a society we use the word busy. Conversations start with, "Hi how are you?" "Busy?" Since I became aware of how often this word is used and how often I have used it, I have started to reframe my answers. It's ok if you want to be busy which I used to, but I don't want to be "busy" anymore. I now say "I'm in flow" or my favourite is to have a deeper conversation and talk about what I am learning on this journey of Entrepreneurship.

This brings in another word that I am also trying to understand. What is an Entrepreneur?? I transitioned into my business full time this year from being a nurse after 3 years of owning my own business. I was taught initially that an Entrepreneur solves problems. That is what I do in my work daily and what I also did as a nurse. So how are these two roles different then? One I work for myself, the other I contract my hours out to another organisation.

Then I heard more recently that an Entrepreneur takes risks. Is prepared to fail and is prepared to lose money. This makes more sense to me and I realise I stepped into this role by being a palliative care nurse where I learn't there are no certainties in life. I learnt you need to have a go and live with no regrets. The biggest fear of the dying is the regrets of the life not truly lived. I decided I didn't want to have regrets and make the most of life however long or short it turns out to be. When it's all said and done the "stuff" becomes insignificant and it is the connections that are long lasting.

For this whole Entrepreneurial journey I have invested all my money in myself. Becoming "busy" to free myself up of my fears, find certainty only to find there is no certainty. Being "busy" to find freedom and a new found curiosity and fun in life!! That life can be easy in giving up the need to know and controlling outcomes. The funny thing is I thought I would "grow up", put my big girl high heel shoes on and become a business woman!! How exciting I thought to have business lunches, do business and be really smart!! Really "busy"!!! What I actually found is that I have become the opposite. Whilst I do wear high heel shoes sometimes, I have mostly become a little girl a child again. Looking at life with wonder and excitement about the unknown. With a new found freedom to have fun and explore more of what life has to offer.

What I discovered just today is an Entrepreneur honours their guilt and does not allow it to control their life. Being "busy" keeps us feeling guilty. When we are "busy" we are constantly letting some one down. Mostly that someone is ourselves. Feeling guilty for not living our dreams. Having no control over our life and reactive to our circumstances. Forgetting to have FUN!!

I now take the next leap into the unknown. To jump and fail? Oh but what if I fly and have FUN!!!

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