Where are you losing energy?

Over the past 2 weeks I have been sick! I have had the flu. Never had the flu before and stopped having coughs and colds years ago when I decided I no longer needed to get sick to learn my lessons. This time I did need to get sick to learn my lesson as it is a huge one!

I have felt quite fatigued over the past 2 weeks. Having to rest frequently, no exercise and I even started watching a Netflix series! What I did notice about this time is that I surrendered to what my body needed rather than being frustrated with the lack of doing. Sickness for me has always been to learn how to BE more. Stop with the endless doing cycle and learn how to be more gentle to self.

When there is a limiting belief firing in the brain it causes what I call an energy leak. It drains energy as the brain produces fear based emotions. These fear based emotions are addictive and take lots of energy to make. On the other hand, love based emotions take much less energy and are fulfilling rather than depleting. I had an energy leak over the past 2 weeks. A limiting belief firing that was ready to be transformed.

Due to feeling fatigued I allowed myself time to rest and go within. I took a short walk down to the local cafe with a pen and paper and started unpacking how I was feeling. I looked at 3 main areas of my life: relationships, work/business and health. I asked myself "Where do I have anxiety?"

As I wrote I started to gain depth and access my subconscious mind. Anxieties such as: "I am running out of time", "that Ill never get there", "that I won't achieve my dreams" and then the big ahh haaa "that Ill let myself down and not love myself with all my heart". Wow it unlocked a gateway in my heart as the tears came.

I then started writing to my higher self. This is done through using the non dominant hand.

Dear "I'll let myself down and not love myself with all my heart", what are you here to teach me?

Then more tears....

That you are enough. You have been addicted to the view that you are a human without support and need to reject your true self which is your higher self. Allow love in and oneness will prevail for love at the deepest level. Your time is now.

In this moment I realised that I haven't felt good enough for my higher self. I was rejecting myself by needing to do instead of letting go and just being. Not having faith that I am enough and all that is needed to fulfill my life's purpose. Instantly I had a shift as I unlocked this limiting belief firing in my brain and energy returned.

I am back in joy! Grateful for the down time to find the key to unlock more of my heart. There is a new effortlessness and ease with things working out. Just by being ME.

Then the final message from my higher self: Stop trying and Have FUN!

Yes I am in Service to you!

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