Take a Risk?!

I am up in Sunny Queensland living the dream! Travelling around “working”. Meeting amazing people and living in so much joy and gratitude. It certainly hasn’t always been this way and I know today it is because I took risks.

I used to admire others that were doing and being it. To me they had it all. The Ultimate Lifestyle. Never “working” again and travelling. Having amazing experiences and making a huge impact in other people’s lives to show them they can have it too.

I have worked on this dream for the past 8 1/2 years. Being mentored to release my limiting beliefs and to learn how to open my heart to all the universe has to offer. My heart was very closed off. Scared of living, scared of loving and scared of having my heart broken again. My heart was broken when my friend died of brain cancer when I was six and in this same year when my Dad nearly died in a car accident. The pain was excruciating and so I closed down my heart to protect it from being hurt again.

My precious, fragile heart continued to be broken over the years and so I closed it down further to avoid the pain. Then the pain became so bad that I had no option but to release it to the universe and surrender. My word did the pain get worse, but what I also did was open my heart to pleasure.

Over the past 4 years I have been teaching my body to become addicted to pleasure rather than pain and gently opening my fragile heart. I have taken many risks which have been scary. Starting a business, spending money when I didn’t have it, selling my houses, pushed by mentors and coaches way out of my comfort zone and all the while learning to surrender and have faith when I risked everything for a dream no one else could see.

Then recently I took the biggest risk of my whole life. I opened my heart to love and to be loved at the deepest level. I took a massive risk to open my fragile heart fully and what I learnt is that I would do it all again tomorrow. To feel all the pain, suffering, loss and brokenness for just one moment of the pleasure of loving and being loved equally in return.

Without risk there can be no jump and then the soft gentle landing into the loving arms of the universe who says, “Let me love you for eternity”.

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