Do you experience burnout?

Burnout is an experience that I was very familiar with. Being “busy”, saying YES to everyone and everything. On the go all the time and would wait until I “crashed” or became sick before I would rest. Then I would rest for a bit and off I would go again, on this crazy treadmill of life.

I wanted to make the most of life and loved giving to others. I also loved setting goals and achieving them. When I look back I realize that I didn’t know there was another way to achieve my goals. That you could have fun and feel energized and achieve your goals too. That you can have it all and mostly that “I matter”.

Burnout is driven by what’s called a neuronet in the brain. A neuronet that says “I don’t matter”. Everyone else matters but I don’t. It comes from a limiting belief that is formulated in the brain from a young age when we learn to put others before ourselves.

When we have “I don’t matter” firing in the subconscious part of the brain, we become addicted to guilt, fear and being “busy”. We find it uncomfortable to accept a compliment, accept support or to STOP and give ourselves time for love and nurturing. Our subconscious mind is so powerful and must be right and keep us safe in the reality of “I don’t matter”.

We are working “hard” towards our dreams. Ever heard? “When I do this, then I can have that”. “I’ll slow down when I make $ *********”. Or “I’ll start taking care of myself tomorrow”. Does tomorrow ever come? No because “I don’t matter”.

When we start to realize our habits and behaviours and make time for ourselves or what I call the “Non Negotiable” then we start to show ourselves that, “I matter”. With this brings the ability to formulate a new neuronet of “I Matter” and becoming addicted to emotions such as joy, love and peace. In this new space I have found that goals are achieved faster, much for effortlessly and with the ability to enjoy the journey and feel energized.

Know you do “Matter” and the journey is bringing the subconscious brain in alignment with the truth of who you really are. Take action today to prevent burnout. What do you need?

To unlock the old neuronet and make “I Matter” your new normal, come and take 7 Steps for Permission to RECEIVE.

In this half day workshop we identify the old neuronet, make a new neuronet and formulate your Non Negotiable for long lasting change.

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