Have you felt resistance this week?

I recently did a Facebook live on “Have you felt resistance this week?" It resonated with many and wanted to write a blog about resistance. Resistance is the reason people quit, walk away from what they really want and is why the rates of business failure is so high.

Resistance comes in the form of feeling frustrated, angry, fearful, stressed, depressed and mostly like you want to just give up and walk away. I felt it last week. I had heaps of resistance. Thankfully I knew what was occurring so I could manage these emotions and keep moving towards my dreams.

Resistance is the ego’s way of holding on to the comfort zone. To stay in the same reality that says “I’m safe here”. Mostly safe in “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t matter” and “I am not worthy of love” etc etc.

As we work on our mindset, take actions to move closer to our dreams we start to change the neuronets in our brain which are the belief systems. Mostly these belief systems are wired to secreting fear into our body which is a highly addictive emotion. As we move towards love, receive self love and take actions to do what we love, the resistance comes up. The ego says “No don’t go there…. You are not safe in “I am good enough” etc etc and brings up move fear to keep us in the safe reality of “I’m not good enough”. A bit of an oxymoron! Safe in fear instead of safe in love.

The way through this resistance is to allow yourself to grieve, essentially allow a part of yourself to die. Give death to “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t matter” and “I am not worthy of love” etc etc. Allow yourself to be with the emotions of frustrated, angry, fearful, stressed, depressed and allow them to move through the body. This allows a death to take place through the phases of grief.

For me it is: 1. Shock 2. Anger 3. Anxiety 4. Depressed 5. Acceptance

As I allow myself to move through these phases I am able to practice more self love which causes a process called apoptosis (cell death), the old neuronets die and the new neuronets form of “I am good enough”, “I matter” and “I am worthy of love” etc etc. These neuronets are wired to love which then allows us to be safe in love. With this comes increased energy, in flow and new levels of abundance where life happens for you not to you.

A great tool to grieve is to express how you are feeling through writing, drawing, singing or deep breathing as the emotions release. Also using self care or what I call non negotiables of: pilates, yoga, baths, massage, reflexology and reiki to name a few.

Allow yourself to grieve, let go and allow resistance. Remember what we resist, persists! Love resistance and all is has to offer. It is showing you that on the other side is “I am good enough”, “I matter” and “I am worthy of love” with all your dreams coming true.

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