Happy 2020!! Your Year of Success!!

Happy 2020!! Year of the Metal Rat combined with the Golden Rat which is a rarity and time for a REBOOT and new direction. It is a Yang, Masculine and Creative Year which is Supercharged!! A year of doing, achieving and SUCCESS!!

Who you are being whilst doing will be supercharged too!! Are you being busy, in a hurry, stressed, addicted to control or being perfect. This is the year to create a new way of being so it is not continued throughout the rest of the decade. It doesn’t come without support as sometimes, well quite often, we cannot see the wood from the trees! We cannot create a new reality when our neuropathways are addicted to being in one direction. Mostly fear. We are addicts to our emotions and the chemical stimulus we receive from stress hormones.

As I reflect on the previous decade, in 2010 who I was being was all of the above as I was highly addicted to stress. I thought that in order to achieve results you had to work hard, push yourself to the limits, crash, burn and then at least “I tried and gave it my best shot”! I had a lot of stubborn in me too. If someone said it couldn’t be done then I would be determined to find a way.

The only issue was that I always chose the hard way. I was hard wired to hard. If it wasn’t hard, it wasn’t worth it or more so I wasn’t worth it. I didn’t feel worthy of anything and particularity worthy of love from myself.

I have spent the last decade working on this. Rewiring my brain to ease and achieving in self love. Building a new brain in a new body and being addicted to love rather than fear.

Here are some changes I have made this year which may assist you in achieving success this year and decade!! Success for me is achieving in self love, taking the pressure off and being in love with life!

I became aware at the end of last year and during a workshop this year is that I need more time for me. More time to BE and connect with my inner light and infinite possibilities. I am having every Tuesday afternoon off from 1pm. I started this last year and guess what?? I sabotaged it!! Clients asked for a session and slowly the Tuesday afternoons for me went! This year I am sticking to it! As I allow more time for me I become more connected, more intuitive and hold a deeper space for healing which benefits my clients 1,000 fold!!

I have also started meditating twice a day. This time to deepen the relaxation response in my body. In the past it has been to manage stress. I am also using the power of my mind and cleansing of the fear based emotions to manifest. To become more energy rather than dense matter and open to possibility.

I am cooking!! Making meals to take to work and enjoying healthy home made options. Realised I had lots of lunch dates last year. Still love them but choosing coffee or tea dates. I am able to be more present as not eating, save money and have healthier options.

Focusing on being more mindful with expenses this year. As it is the year of money it is time to honour it, respect it and value it. The universe will not give you more if you can’t handle the money you have. Really enjoying knowing my numbers as used to be a big fear in the past!!

Just started Feb Fast! No alcohol for me! Will continue to socialize and drink water! Went to a bbq yesterday and drank water whilst everyone had a wine. Was easy, I had a ball and is lovely to mix it up and make different choices to get different results.

From all of this in such a short time I am feeling so excited about life, living in the present and grateful for all the surprises!! Every week is full of things I never expected and life is even more fun! Has taken me a decade to get here. Full of lots of lows which has built an amazing muscle of being grateful for the little things in life which are the big things.

Thanks so much to you. I am very grateful for having you in my life and being able to share my learning’s and growth so you can keep shining on the inside and out. Wishing you the best year and decade, with every success that you dreamt of as a child manifesting into your reality!!

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