5 Steps to Emotional Freedom

We are living in an age and society where we or people in our lives are experiencing challenging situations. Life-threatening health conditions, marriage breakdowns and financial pressures. Other common emotions many of us feel, at least at times, include anger, frustration, anxiety and depression. Learning to allow our emotions, rather than suppressing them, helps us to grow and rise above what is within us to transform into the love that we really are.

In this post, I am going to give you 5 steps you can start doing today so you can feel happier, more flexible and more alive.

1. Teach the body how to relax.

Emotions get stored in our body and stuck due to the stress response. We need to teach our body how to relax to allow the emotions to release.

The best way is through a daily practice of deep breathing. Start with an achievable amount of time between 1-5 minutes daily. Deep breaths access what’s called the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxed response) As the body learns to relax it feels safe. When the body feels safe, emotions can surface for release.

2. Don’t judge emotions.

All emotions are equally important. Particularly the fear (stress) emotions. Fear based emotions stay stuck in the body when we judge them as muscles contract. When we stop judging, it allows the muscles to relax and release them. Emotion is Energy in motion. It is designed to move. Stuck emotions cause pain. Pain shows us we are out of balance.

3. Start to feel your way through life rather than think it.

As we think we induce more fear, worry, stress and anxiety. Keeps us on the merry go round! When we feel we bring awareness and allow change to happen. Feeling gives the opportunity to ask: What do I need right now? What doesn’t serve? What do I need to change?

4. Have a daily practice of Journalling.

Ask yourself how do I feel today? Right down good, bad, other. Give yourself permission to feel. As you learn it is safe to feel your emotions the body will feel safer to release them.

5. Allow yourself to grieve.

In life the one thing that is certain is birth, life and death. We go through this cycle constantly in life. In order for a rebirth we need death to occur. Allow yourself to grieve for the old to make way for the new. Essential emotions to honour are: shock, anxiety, anger, sadness/depression and then acceptance. This allows the old cells to die within us and new to grow.

Final thoughts

The most important thing to remember in all of this is that the road to emotional freedom can be an intense passage. So be gentle with yourself.

To all those inspired to break the chains and fly, be free! Wishing peace and blessings abundantly to each of you!

Love to see you at our next Safe Zone or Rewire your Life for Success! where we support you and give you more tools on how to create the life you desire.

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