5 Steps to Live the Life of your Dreams!

More than ever we are aware of how short life is and that it can change in an instant. A wonderful time to assess: Are you really living life to the fullest or existing?

How to Live the Life of your Dreams?

1. Start - there is never the right time, there is only NOW! Choose an area of your life that your want to change and spend 30 minutes a day working on it. This can be researching, visualizing, journaling or speaking to others that are an expert in this area.

2. Show up - be consistent. Show up every day including the weekends working 30 minutes per day on your passion project. This will show your subconscious mind that you are serious about change! It opens up your Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your mind which then focuses on the information your need to achieve your intention. The RAS brings in the information you need and filters out the information you no longer need to move you forward!

3. Do it and do it badly - this is one of my favourite mantras! What stops us mostly is perfection. Give up perfection and “Do it and do it badly!” There is no right or wrong, there is only progress. As you keep going each step will open up the next step.

4. Never give up - change is uncomfortable especially when we are getting really close to our dreams. The ego/subconscious mind does not like change and prefers to keep things the same. As change occurs we feel uncomfortable as we let go of the old (comfort zone) and build new neuropathways so that our new eventually becomes comfortable and automatic. Keep going transformation awaits you!

5. Have Fun! - children are able to learn so much in a very short time. Why? Because they don’t judge mistakes, have a go and have fun! When we are having fun we open up what I call the genius brain, when both lobes of our brain and working together. When we are having fun our body feels safe and is open to taking on new information. There are times that it won’t feel like fun so revisit steps 1,2,3 and 4 which will bring you back to FUN! Freedom Under Neath!

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