5 Steps to Time Freedom

5 Steps to Time Freedom

We all have the same 24 hours but some people can achieve a lot more within a day than others. Do you feel like you have lots to do and not enough time? You need better time management. Remember that being busy does not mean being effective. Here are some tips to find more time from your day and achieve time freedom.

1. Create daily time for you - when you give yourself permission to have some “ME” time, it allows the access of the relaxation zone in the body. When your body has time to relax it allows energy to come from within. When you have more energy, you are able to perform from inspired action. With consistent daily “ME” time, your energy levels will continue to rise and you have the energy of a child!

2. Set a daily intention - this puts your reticular activating system (RAS) in the brain on notice to support you. Without an intention, the RAS looks for what’s wrong in life rather than solutions. With an intention, the RAS will filter out the bits that don’t serve the intention and allow the bits of information that are required to fulfill your intention.

3. Set a quit time - at the beginning of the day after setting your intentions also set your quit time. It does need to make you feel a little uncomfortable. If we have time, we will fill it up, often with unproductive activities. When you give yourself a quit time it stops procrastination, over thinking and over working.

4. Set a reward - next to your quit time, write what the reward is for finishing on time. It may be a walk, time to read, cook a yummy meal, play with your children, chat with a friend or do some yoga/pilates. Knowing there is a reward secrets dopamine from the brain which is a feel-good hormone and allows inspired action!

5. Work less - allow more time for play! When you are in the play zone you are in the creative zone. All of my best ideas come when I’m not thinking! This is because you are in the heart and connected to your higher self. Remember, FUN is serious business!

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