5 Tips on How to get your MOJO back?!

I am sharing on how to feel more enthusiastic and have excitement energy! The reason I'm sharing this is because this is what I have had to embody. I've actually struggled a bit this year. Usually I don't really need much motivation as I have inspiration that comes from within. But this year, I think that off the back of such a big year last year, I have lacked the excitement energy. My coach Andrew Cominos gave me a bit of a whack around the ears, and helped me to dig deep and find that I was feeling fearful. With massive goals for this year, doubling the business again my subconscious mind had gone into FEAR .

I was feeling enough but lacking more than enough. In order to get different results this year I need to be more than enough. Also to really step into believing in me and believing in myself. I have since done some work on myself and want to share the process that worked for me.

1. Connect to your WHY?

Ask yourself the question: Why am I in business? or whatever you feel blocked in. Why am I doing what I'm doing? It is to connect to that deeper feeling, that higher vibration emotion to feel inspired rather than having to motivate yourself. How you find your why is to keep asking yourself why? Write on a piece of paper. Why .....................? write down the first answer. Then ask Why? and write down the next answer. Continue this process for some time. Eventually you will start to tap into the subconscious mind and get unexpected answers and connect to feeling. Then boom out wilI come your Why? I feel the connection in my heart, tears in my eyes and a feeling of gratitude. This is how you get inspiration from within.

My Why? is to do the impossible. To take myself to places I was too scared to go and achieve results I never thought I could.

2. Connect to the Future Now

Visualize your future, that it is already done. Powerful to do in a meditation state. This is how we collapse the quantum field of possibility. It's through visioning it in the third eye and then experiencing an emotion with it. The feeling of joy, gratitude, love, appreciation etc. matched with the visualisation allows the brain to think it is in the situation and actually experiencing it. The brain doesn't know the difference between the past, present or future and thinks all time is happening now. With continued feelings of gratitude for the event already occurring it allows persons, places, times and events to line up to achieve the Future Now. Also allows you to feel excited!

3. Dance to raise your energy

This is something that I hadn't been doing. I was doing it last year, before I hit the office during COVID. I would put on a song that is full of high energy and dance! I would jump up and down and increase my energy. I realized that this year I haven't been doing this and it is very important to keep my energy high. After a while with consistency and using the same song it anchors the high vibration emotions in the body as soon as the song starts! Certainly getting back to this! Some days you may not feel like it but do it anyway or what I say "do it and do it badly".

4. Do it for the past you. See how far you have come.

This is a very different tip. Most people say to do it for your future you, to make decisions now for the future you. What inspires me is to do it for the past version of me. The me that was feeling lost, insignificant, wanted to hide away and be not seen or heard. This was me when I was 17-18yrs old and in my final year of high school. I was very shy and very quiet. The me that sat in the back row at our valedictory assembly. All my friends sat in the front row. I sat up the back because I was too petrified of sitting at the front. I couldn't handle all the attention of everyone looking at me.

Recently I connected to how overwhelming that time was for me. I was full of fear, anxiety, shame and not enough. I have come so far since then with lots of mindset work, emotional release and being brave to step out of my comfort zone. At 17-18 yrs old I never would have thought I would be where I am today. So now I do it for her who felt overwhelmed with life and not enough. I show her we are enough and that anything is possible.

5. One step- Faith in ME. Have a coach, mentor who believes in you when you don't which is true accountability.

When the hill feels high and a big mountain to climb I say to myself "One step- faith in me". This gets me out of the thinking mind of how and re centres me in the now. I remind myself that all I have is now and one step to take, which then leads to the next step etc etc.

As I mentioned in the beginning, my coach helped me to be aware that my subconscious fear was ruling my head and my heart. I am a big believer in having mentors and coaches and I have many. I thought it was for them to keep me on track and to be accountable to. I realised lately that I have them because they believe in me. They see past my own limiting beliefs and self doubt. They see me as my empowered self and remind me that I am possible.

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