5 Tips to Live for Joy!

There are so many simple and wonderful things you can do to find Joy in everyday life.

If you're needing a little boost of JOY, take a look and see how I keep those positive vibes flowing. Be Joyful souls, it really is contagious!

1. Give up worry - our brain loves to worry. It creates chemicals of fear in the brain which are addictive and keep us in survival mode. Choose to be grateful and ask for worry to have a holiday as it is Christmas time!

2. Take the pressure off self - stress comes from the pressure we place on ourselves. When we put pressure on self it closes off the decision making center of the brain, stops oxygen moving to the brain and also stops oxygen moving to the heart. Allow yourself to STOP, Take three deep breaths, Open to love of self and Play through life. Life is so much easier with play and everything gets done!

3. Identify what gives you joy - when I ask “what gives you joy?” 99% of people don’t have an answer. It is because we are so conditioned to help others and forget about ourselves. Open up to exploring what gives you joy. It will amplify the results in your life and allow more ease and fun.

4. Give yourself some ME time to connect with your soul - schedule some time once per day and once per week. Start small and build on this. It is what I call being time. When you teach the body to get out of the doing and into the being it allows flow in life and more energy.

5. Be excited about life - as soon as you wake up say to yourself “I wonder what exciting things are going to happen today?”. This puts your brain on notice for new possibilities and allows surprises in your life. Rather that waiting for the expected it allows the unexpected. Allow Christmas joy to be in every day!

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