Are you feeling the struggle?

Have you heard of the term metamorphosis? It was explained to me in Biology at Secondary school as a biological process in the transition from a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. A process where the caterpillar’s old body dies and a new body forms thus turning into a butterfly.

I then heard it explained in various business and personal development courses. A process where you go through struggle to transform into your true self which is the butterfly. Free to fly and pursue your life’s purpose. I heard it again recently in one of Darren Hardy’s daily teachings. This time I got it on a new level. I realised that I am currently going through a metamorphosis.

Science says that humans don’t go through a metamorphosis. Not physically as such, as I will look the same in a weeks time, no wings (physically) on my back but I know I will feel differently. The change occurs from within at a cellular level where fear is released, old cells die and new cells are growing. A time where the struggle is with the ego. The ego wanting to hold onto the old and the higher self pushing for the new! A time when the body feels physical pain as it upgrades to new love based emotions and lots of emotions are released! Emotions of anxiety, anger, fear, sadness and depression as the old is grieved for to create space for the new.

I know I have been through this process many times as is required on the entrepreneurial journey. The resistant comes up when going to the next level. I am so grateful to know about this process as otherwise I would have given up years ago. I feel this is why the failure rates of businesses are so high. The owners go through the struggle to develop their wings and instead of bursting through the cocoon they let the fear win.

I am writing this for myself and others. Don’t let the fear win. The fear is a gift to move us through to more love and being the best version of ourselves. Flying as our true self and how our higher self sees us. Fly high today and spread your wings because you are a magnificent creation of the universe. No one is like you and you being you makes the universe whole.

My tips on moving through the transformation:

1. Have a mantra and repeat it often. Mine is “Just keep going, never give up”. It has been on repeat lately.

2. Feel the resistance and be with it.

3. What would “I am Loveable” do right now? Or channel your hero!

4. Have gratitude for yourself, how far you have come and your top strength.

5. Use your top strength to keep going and never give up! Take one action to move closer to your dreams.

Much love, Mel xoxo 💖🥰

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