Have you met a 5 Minute Angel?

I heard about the concept of 5 minute angels and until a couple of years ago I had not been aware of them. I’m sure I have met many over the years but was in too much of a hurry to realize they had a message for me. Also I was probably not ready for the message.

Last Friday I was feeling quite flat. I was not feeling inspired and energetic which I usually feel on a Friday when I have a meeting with other amazing business owners. I was feeling a bit directionless after word that a new project was not going to take off right now. That same morning I received a message from a friend referring a woman’s 14 year old daughter who was feeling suicidal. I often see children although this time felt it was best for the daughter to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. In a message I said I would make some inquiries and find an appropriate referral for the woman’s daughter.

After some messages back and forth and later in the day when I was still feeling quite flat I received a message back from this woman. Before I had finished reading the top line I felt tears in my eyes as I read…… ‘Thank you so much – and I don’t even know you’ with a smiley face. This instantly shifted something in me and I felt a sense of making a difference. It’s not the big projects that matter, it’s the little impacts you can make in small ways everyday that matter.

I had been caught up in goal setting, forecasting and creating a vision for the year. Whilst this is an essential part of business it is important for me to take the pressure off and live in the moment. This beautiful 5 minute angel reminded me of this and gave me the gift of remembering what really matters. It’s not the big things that make a difference, but the little things along the way. When you give you receive ten fold and you may never know what an impact you are having in someone else’s life. But my God how it can make a profound impact on your own life and be a reminder that it’s from the little things that big things grow.

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