Make our ANZAC's Proud.

I have had a very different Anzac Day to most. I have broken our family tradition of going to the Essendon v’s Collingwood ANZAC Day Game at The MCG. It is a day I love and only break the family tradition for travelling overseas or professional development courses. This year I broke the tradition to travel overseas to Tulum Mexico.

I spent Anzac Day in a small town called Bacalar which has an extraordinary Lagoon (Laguna in Spanish) with 7 spectacular colours of blue. My dear friend Fi calls it her “Happy Place” and I can see why. Just by being in the presence of this magnificent creation by Mother Earth you feel “Happy”.

I purposefully did not access wifi during this time as I did not want to know who won the big game! I am an Essendon supporter. No matter which team is on top I find it is always a great game and any team can win on the day. It is a day full of such reverence and appreciation as we also celebrate the ANZAC’s and all they have done to allow us to live in a peaceful country.

And in usual tradition I was not disappointed. Fi set up a projector outside and live streamed the replay. I was so grateful and enjoyed the game immensely. It was full of up’s, down’s and everything in between. Essendon made a great come back and almost made it across the line. With only 4 poitns between the winner and loser, Collingwood were the victors on the day! My heart was racing during the game and I enjoyed the adrenaline pumping, anxiety provoking rollercoaster of emotions.

Then unexpectedly I felt disappointed. It was not from losing the game. But from losing the great sportsman ship and good will that this day represented. I feel the ANZAC’s would not have been proud of what prevailed. I witnessed both teams shaking hands and congratulating each other on a fine presentation of strength, courage and determination. Then as Scott Pendlebury was announced as ANZAC Day Medallist for Best on Ground the crowd “booooooed”. That was the supporters of my team boooooing. That was Essendon supporters boohooing Collingwood and the great privilege to be able to watch this game in freedom, peace and with equality which the ANZAC’s fought so hard for. On a day when we celebrate peace with the symbol of a Poppy, it was disappointing to see the “tall poppy syndrome” that Australia has become renowned for.

I get the team rivalry, the tradition of loving one team and hating another and we all want our team to win BUT that’s the thrill of the game. If we didn’t lose sometimes we would never experience the joy of a win and we can only thank our opponents for the opportunity to feel this duality.

What this brings home to me is how we “boooohoo” our own journey of life. We want to be in control and when our expectations are not met we have a tantrum and “lose it”. We blame everyone else instead of taking responsibility and trusting everything is working out for us. I have “booooohoooed” my journey of life many times. Trying to be in control, fighting all the way and in resistance of seeing there is a bigger picture at play which requires loses to learn lessons and build strength to then be the victor of our own journey.

If it wasn’t for my many loses and failures I would not have built the muscle to keep getting up and learning to give up control. Each time I get up now I have learnt to cheer myself on, be gentle and allow the peaceful road to present. Control keeps me off track and at war with myself. We don’t need to be at war anymore. The ANZAC’s did this for us so we could have peace. Have Peace with your journey, to feel peaceful for others and create a legacy our ANZAC’s would be proud of. Find your “Happy Place” within.


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