The Truth about CORONA-V

Process of CORONA- V

You can expect to feel:

1. Confused- numb, disbelief, loss of identity, who am I?, alone and paralysed with fear

2. Overwhelmed- extreme pressure, living in chaos, living in a nightmare, full of fear, continually worrying, don’t want to live, don’t want to die, done want to do anything, suffering and despair which is bringing death to the ego.

3. Restless- full of emotions, going through intense grief, on a rollercoaster of emotions, releasing the fear (death) to make way for love (life).

4. Outraged- so who am I then?, releasing roles, identity, feeling lost and in a void, ego is dying to become in service of True Ego.

5. Nervous- becoming the truth of who you are. I’m not my job, financial situation or what society says I have to be. Who do I want to be? What do I want to do? What is important to me?

6. Acceptance- feeling whole, connected, full of possibility, excited by the unknown as full of certainty that I’ve got this.

7. Vulnerable- A knowing that there is a higher power driving this train and it is time to enjoy the ride. The world is so connected, we are one and how can I be a difference maker? Feeling so grateful for life, for death and with intention to live everyday like it’s my last.

You are good enough and no one or no thing (a virus) can ever change that. xoxo

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