Use COVID-19 to magnify the truth of YOU!

Our energy is being magnified during COVID-19.

We are energetic beings. Full of so much love and also so much fear. Both sides of us are being magnified during this time. I read a very interesting explanation which resonated deeply with me and gave me such hope. Which I wish to share with you now.

I have been reading Dr Joe Dispenza’s book ‘Becoming Supernatural’. I highly highly recommend this book. Dr Joe has resonated with me for such a long time and his teaching of neuroplasticity. The movie ‘What the bleep do you know?’ was the beginning of my love of learning about where science and spirituality meet.

Towards the end of ‘Becoming Supernatural’ Dr Joe shares about solar cycles. We are currently going through a solar cycle. Solar cycles increase the energy from the sun to the earth. The increase of the energy from the sun affects the earth and our own personal energy. As we are energetic beings with electromagnetic fields we are very affected by this increase in energy.

This new energy has the ability to affect human beings in either positive or negative ways, depending on our own energy. If you live in the sympathetic nervous system (stress response) and are dependant on external means to feel safe and happy then the brain and heart will fire incoherently and feel threatened. Awareness and energy will feel out of balance and the increase in energy from the sun will amplify this state.

Alternatively if you live in coherence of brain and heart, working on yourself daily to access the opposite response of the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response) releasing limiting beliefs, fears and old habits you will be supercharged into the truth of you!

This is the bit that excited me to no end! I work daily on myself to access this relaxation response in the brain and heart and also teach others how to do the same. During this time of COVID-19 I have felt this increase in energy and my awareness has been supercharged! I have been releasing old belief systems, fear based energies and transforming fear into love at a rapid speed.

I have seen this in my clients too. Old ways of being that would take years to transform are being shifted in no time!

This is so exciting because it means there has never a better time in history to work on self and use this powerful energy. The universe has created a time to STOP, go within and connect to our higher self to uncover the truth of who we are.

Use this time wisely to let go of what no longer serves, teach your body to be a human being rather than a human doing and appreciate how magnificent you are! Dreams do come true when you access the truth of you!

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