What Needs to Die in You?

During life we are constantly shedding the old to make way for the new. We must empty our hand to have room to pick up the next thing. This occurs in the areas of health, wealth and relationships and we are continually working through grief cycles to create new beginnings. The body’s cells are also programmed to rejuvenate and expand through a process of dying that is known as apoptosis. It is a programmed cell death that occurs naturally to allow regeneration and the continuation of life. An example is our skin, which is constantly dying and being replaced with new cells. It forms a barrier to protect us in times of need and then sheds as the environment changes. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten to give ourselves permission to grieve and respond to the body’s natural ability of letting go – allowing us to grow in wisdom and become an improved version of ourselves.

Working through the grief cycle is a very powerful tool that can be used in all areas of life. It involves identifying what stage you’re at, without judgment, and setting an intention of moving through it and allowing your body to grieve. The 5 stages of grief to allow and move through are: shock, anger, anxiety, depression and acceptance.

As you feel and experience emotions it allows them to be released. Much like the skin, if we don’t release the dead cells they will build up over time and create layers leaving us unable to feel below the surface. As you grieve you can continue to move through the stages to create powerful, exciting, new beginnings. If you resist releasing those emotions you get stuck in a stage. It’s really about being aware of where you are and not resisting those emotions. That way you’ll be able to move through it quicker. The most important thing is to find the right support for you.

A powerful tool that I find to release emotions is to write. To allow myself to express how I am feeling and move through the emotions. This is great to shift anger which is a very important emotion that drives change and allows you to feel much lighter. It also allows letting go of the old to allow the new. As we grieve and allow our cells to die we are rejuvenated and making space for new possibilities. It is equally important to feel sad or depressed as we let go of old beliefs that were our "best friend". Then comes acceptance and feeling on top of the world again!! This cycle continues as we are forever growing and expanding. With growth must come death. As you become more aware of these cycles and not judge how you are feeling the process becomes quicker.

The body was designed to respond to various environments with thoughts, emotions and actions. Without each stage of grief we would not be able to respond appropriately to different circumstances. It enables us to survive and it enables us to grow. It also allows the appreciation of opposites. If you were not able to feel sad how would you know what it felt like to feel happy? We would all be walking around without expression and where is the fun in that? It also allows the appreciation of life’s experiences. Through death we are able to become more appreciative of life and more grateful for experiences (rather than time). We all have the same amount of time in a day and choose to use it very differently. What do you need to let go of today? What needs to die in you to move towards the truth of who you really are?

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