How Theta Healing helps you

Theta Healing is an energetic modality that empowers the subconscious mind to release limiting belief systems. In theta brain wave state which is deep relaxation the subconscious mind can be accessed and reprogrammed. In deep relaxation the mind is slowed down to 4-7 cycles per second which is a hypnotic state. In this state the universal energy of creator can be used to heal and change neural pathways in the brain.

Awareness is one part of rewiring the brain to new thoughts and with theta healing a second part is accessing the universal energy to make demands for reprogramming of old to new belief systems. “I’m not good enough” can be reprogrammed to “I know how to feel good enough”. The subconscious mind can then start allowing the receiving of loving relationships. As different subconscious belief systems “blocks” are identified and released you will start moving towards the life of your dreams!


Theta Healing works on releasing four belief systems of core, genetic, history and soul levels that are held in the cellular memory. This enables the release of programs that have been deeply engrained and past on through the generations. For example programs such as “life is hard” no longer need to be passed onto the new generations and can allow the existence of ease in life.


Client Results


"Since working with Melonie I was able to shed so much of my past limiting beliefs and come to realising my full potential. I was able to move past obstacles fairly quickly. I learnt to love my myself more and she enabled me to hugely improve relationships with those around me.


Melonie has helped me immensely on a personal level and with my business.


Melonie is simply lovely, she is warm, friendly, easy to relate to, non-judgmental and very supportive.


I highly recommend Melonie to anyone looking better the quality of their lives and those wanting MORE out of life!!!

      Yolanda Alvares

CEO, Giggles for Girls