Ready to Be the Abundance you want to attract?


Week 1 - Release limiting belief systems through connecting to an inner child role identity. (Nurse, Parent, Eeyore, Trophey, Clown, Abused)
Week 2 - Getting into the subconscious mind through connecting to inner child responsible for the role
Week 3 - Release 4 top fears and emotional addiction
Week 4 - Reprogram a new belief
Week 5 - Become addicted to love and manifestation of Future Potential
Week 6 - Road map to live your Future Now!
What You Get:
PDF Workbook for the 6 Weeks
Weekly Meditation
Letting Go Meditation to release stress as arises
Mega Bonus- 30 minute zoom call with me valued at 
Guarantee 30 day money back guarantee if doesn’t give you value
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